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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today, is my first day step into college for my last semester of Diploma. I woke around 8.30am and get prepared to college..:) Wearing my beloved McDonald tee shirt~and as usual la, short pants..

My class start at 10am, end at 10.40am..Then I have to wait for my Jie Mui to KLCC..:)

I lepak in college until 1pm..
Before that I go drink something with Grace and Michelle

In college..
SO MANY lala zai and lala lui..
I tak boleh tahan lor..
Those lala childish!

But still got some okay one la..
I believe that they will become mature a bit in one year time..
But there's many leng lui in college as well..So sexy! Wearing short short pants, high heels and also singlet! Phewwitt~~~

Then I take bus and LRT to KLCC with Yi la~:)
Then meet with Kuan~

Uniqlo is awesome..
Hahas...So many shirts I wanna buy but too bad...I'm poor now..=.=
I wanna get two one piece shirt..White and Grey color with Luffy gangs one..
Actually there's one shirt I like as well..
The one which someone wearing when we yum cha at night that time..
Luffy with Ace that one..x)

But I got one Chopper Shirt already..:)
I really appreciate that shirt..


Me, Kuan and Yi go McDonald for lunch~
Then we planing to go beach with our high school gangs~x)
Sounds fun huh~Then I creat the event once I get home~xD

Today, it's exam time for him~:)
Still have 5 more paper to go~
Ga Yau~

This picture taken by Yuko, a very lovely photographer~


This's me and Grace working at PC fair geh look~

Just want to share it la~:)

Nice right? x)

Today I did check the iphone at apple store there and also the x10 at Sony store in KLCC...x10 function seems similar with iphone..=3=

Grrr...So hard to decide..I think I better save more money first la..=.=

Left RM20 for 3 days use..

Bus fees need RM4 for 2 days, cz tomorrow no class..Left RM16..Then eat...=.=


Those who owe me money geh please return to me eh...I don't want ask from you!

I really need my money back..=3= I also pai seh to ask from you guys la..:(

Hate to beg people..=.=


I believe that I can survive!!


But last night I found out my crackers expired for half years already..

Haha...Luckily I didn't eat it..:P

But I still have a lots of biscuit la..x)

I can SURVIVE with RM20!!!


Oh yeah!!


Please don't read my very very early post in my blog ah..><''

Very pai seh!

Very childish!

Very brainless!



Forget about it..

Look forward..

And look at me..

The Eris Chew Mun now is very different with last time..


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