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Friday, May 20, 2011


Today is 20th May..In chinese, 20/5= 520= wo ai ni= I Love You ..:)
So, it's a special day which hidding the special meaning..:) One year ago, I am alone..Passing this special day..520 without any wishes..And it's a hard tough year for me on 2010..Next sunday, I am officially 20 y/o already.. I getting older, and getting mature..Today..20/5/2011, I=Eris Chew Mun , is having my brand new life, I get my happiness that someone give me.. And he's my guardian and also my man now..:) I would like to say..I Love You dear..

It's a long long journey, till I know where am I supposed to be..It's a long long journey, and I dunno if I can believe, when shadows falls and block my eyes, I am know that I must hide..I know I will falter I know I will cry, I know you will be standing by my side..Sometimes it feels no ones understand, I don't even know why I do the things I do.. But you're here for me now..You did step into my life and light up my life..

I did appreciate all my people who step into my life, my friends and family..And the special one..Everyone are different, no one can replace each of urs in my heart.. I Love all of you..:)
Happy 520..
Wish you can get your happiness, smile, and put down all those hate, put ur view wider..

Today, I will will spend it with my lovely BF..:)
Happy 520 to the world!
Let's share the love and happiness to all the people you knew..:D

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